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 Jo Hawkins​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 



  • Are you Purpose-Driven?
  • Are you a Community Builder?
  • Would you love to Empower Women?
  • Are you ready for a new career?
  • Do you love Retreats, Groups and helping people grow, heal and renew?

 Could The

 Legacy Transformation

 Coaching Certification

be​​​​​​​ your dream occupation?

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Make a Real Difference.

Create space for joy & Transformation in Women.

Do what you love.

Be All you can be!

Live by Design,

Choose how yo wish to live.

The best

way to Live

is to Create a

Lifestyle Business designed around Purpose, Contribution &  


Work from home, or your favourite beach.

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Wake up every day, more in love with what you do. 

Feel Passionate & Purpose-Driven.

Earn a great income healing Hearts & Homes.

Align with your Purpose and

Your Heart-song.


Build a Community.

Make a Gift of Yourself through a Transformation Community Coaching Business! 

~ Go All Out!  Change the world!

80% of our Results come from our Psychology

20% of our Results come from the right Strategy in Action

Become who you must be, to accomplish all you dream of.

You are the key.


  • Study the Science of Transformation
  • Coaching Tools, Tips and Tactics
  • Group Coaching Dynamics & Skills
  • Life-Changing Retreats
  • Neuroscience
  •  Psychology
  • How to Attract and Enroll Paying Clients - with alignment, grace, and ease
  • Create a Community Coaching Business you love, designed around the family
  • Become the expert, go-to person 
  • Build Community, healing Hearts & Homes
  • Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship Training
  • - so that you have all you need to succeed.

Your Dream Calling!

Be All You Can Be!

Dream Business

Do you hear the call of

​​​​​​​The Legacy Coach-Consultant Entrepreneur Within?

As well as making a difference to the happiness of women -

You can create a lifestyle business that you will love

when you become Certified as The Legacy Community Coach in your area.

Transformation Community-Coach Lifestyle Business

~ where Love becomes your Life!

Is Your Life worth more than you are experiencing right now...?

Give yourself the Gift.

Make your dreams come true.

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Design your day with wellness and

the family in mind.

When We empower Women, amazing things happen!

Our Amazing Benefits

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Do what makes

you come alive. 

Work with joy,

work with purpose and

you will feed millions.

12-weeks to your Dream Business 

Study the Training, 

Ask Questions,

Practice in the safety of the group,

then go & change the world!

(Value: $ 2,997)

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Study Online

At your own pace and 

in your own space


The Community-Coach

Membership Area.

(Value: 2,997) 

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Practice as You Learn 

Grow yourself and your skills.

 Practice in the safety of the group,


Grow Your Business.

At Home or Your favorite Beach.

You have control.

(Value: limitless)


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When you focus on what matters,

you get results: 

Happy paying Clients, ​​​​​​​

Serving more people.

Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship Training.

(Value: $2,997)

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Certification that Changes Lives 

Bring Meaning to Many Lives

Feel the Joy of Changing Lives as You

Heal Hearts & Homes, through Transformation, Alignment & Purpose.

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Weekly Q & A Sessions


Exclusive Facebook Support Community of amazing Women -focused on empowering Women

​​​​​​​(Value: $ 2,000+++)

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The Legacy Community-Coaching

Certification Program

empowers You to become a source of Transformation & Healing,

impacting lives with joy, purpose & alignment.

This is all about you, your calling, your hopes & dreams becoming a reality so that your life is better than you ever dreamed! 

If you can see yourself:

  • Leading Retreats
  • Empowering individuals 
  • Leading Groups in Transformation
  • Changing lives
  • Healing hearts & homes

Then you are in the right place! 

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  • When will it be at this price again?  - Never, this is a once in a Life Time Offer.
  • Can I join if I am a Man? -Yes! Absolutely, just understand we will be focusing on women. You are welcome to join us. Much of the content will apply to both Men & Women.
  • Is Training going o be Live? - some of it will be live, some pre-recorded for your convenience,  Live Q & A sessions will be recorded.
  • How do I get my questions answered? - there will be a weekly Facebook post for you to ask questions ahead of the Live Training, you may also ask questions in the group, Messenger or WhatsApp Jo Hawkins on +971 56 701 5635. 
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? - No. Jo Hawkins only works with clients who are 100% Committed. Do not sign-up if you are unsure. The program calls you to believe in yourself and invest appropriately.
  • When does the Program start? - once you have signed up, a Welcome Pack will be sent to your inbox for you to do the Pre-Work. The Program Starts in February 2020.
  • When will the next intake be? - There is no guarantee of the next intake.
  • I still have questions, how can I get answers? - contact Jo Hawkins on Messenger, or WhatsApp her on +971 56 701 5635. 

Choose Your Investment! 

Have a look below and choose the right fit for you:

(Limited Time Only: Doors closing 5 Feb 2020)

PayPlan $333/month

​​​​​​​Transformation Neuroscience Coach Certification Program 1 year 

 Weekly Live Training with Q+A

 Bonus: Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship (Value 10k)

 Exclusive Facebook Group​​​​​​​

One Easy Payment $ 2497

 Legacy Transformation Coach Certification Program  12-weeks

 Weekly Live Training with Q+A

 Bonus: Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship (10k Value)


 Exclusive Facebook Group


 Bonus: 3 x 30 min 1-1 Coaching with Jo

 Pellentesque habitant morbi senectus.



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 Includes All the same PLUS:

 Event Ticket (Value: $ 2k)

 Advanced Transformation, The Feminine Genius Archetypes, Certification Training (Value $ 17,777) 

  1-1 Coaching with Jo, twice/month for 12 months (Value 12k)

​​​​​​​Total Value: 55k


Esther Watt, Therapist:

"I recommend Jo Hawkins, an awesome leader, team building expert, entrepreneur, motivational speaker. Doing amazing things with and for women in the UAE."

What People have said about working with Jo Hawkins:

"I would describe Jo Hawkins as energetic, compassionate, and very passionate, in her field. She will Move Mountains!   Jo is equally able to help a budding entrepreneur as a highly successful individual equally well."

Abhi Sharma, Coach